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Prešov is one of the most significant cities in the eastern part of Slovakia. Because of its geographical position, Prešov was destined to become a very important crossway of religion, culture and social life since its beginning. The most important date in the history of this town is the 28th of January 1299 when the Town privileges were given by king Belo lV.

In the beginning of the 15th century the town school started its activity and gradually, under the pressure of reformation, was transformed into a philosophical school, later a Collegium and at the end it became the University. Throughout this development, Academia Theologica, which was established in 1880 by Prešov´s bishop ThDr. Mikuláš Tóth, has had an important palace. The activity of Academia Theologica was interrupted during the violent liquidation of Greek-Catholics in 1950 and restored in 1990.

The 22nd of September 1818, when Pope Pius Vll. drew up the Papal Bull “Relata Semper“ was a very significant date in Greek-Catholic´s history in Prešov, and Prešov was established as a Greek-Catholic eparchy. Pope Benedict XVl. promoted the eparchy to archeparchy and metropolia on the 3rd of January 2008.


The Greek-Catholic Seminary of blessed bishop Pavol Peter Gojdič, OSBM is situated in Prešov and it is a part of Prešov´s University. Candidates for priesthood from all of three eparchies of Prešov´s metropolia are formated there.

The Seminary started to write it´s history in 1881, when bishop ThDr. Mikuláš Tóth established a Theological Academy joined with the Seminary. His activity was violently interrupted because of the liquidation of the Greek-Catholic Churchin 1950. The efforts to innovate the Seminary started in 1968 when social- political restriction were lessened in Slovakia. These efforts could not be realized because immediately after 1969 started the period of socialistic´s standardization. Priests of Eastern religious rites were educated at the Roman-Catholic theological Faculty of Saint Cyril and Methodius in Bratislava, Slovakia. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 suitable conditions for the development of priest´s formation began. In 1990 after 40 years the diocease´s seminaries were remodeled in Slovakia. At this time our Seminary also started to write it´s new history.

The Seminary has the folowing composition. The head of the seminary is the chancellor – rector. The vice- chancellor solves economic questions. Two prefects look after discipline and order. There are also two spiritual directors who are responsible for a spiritual life.


The aim of the institution of the Seminary is forming a human being to be prepared to fulfil a mission as a mediator and propagator of God´s Kingdom on the Earth.

The formation is composed of the four grades of the human person:

  1. Personal formation – the aim is to develop a person to be able to communicate with the world.
  2. Spiritual formation – the aim is to strenghten and spread the close personal relationship with God as a Father. That is necessary for expanding witness about the beauty and worth of this relationship, God´s love.
  3. Intellectual formation – is necessary to be well learned regarding belief and morality. The Faculty of Greek- Catholic theology in Prešov offers education in these disciplines.
  4. Pastoral formation – leads priests to be perceptive about the needs of modern man and offer him useful help. It is a witness of life with God in present surroundings.


The patron of the seminary is blessed bishop Peter Pavol Gojdič, OSBN, who was born the 7th of July 1888 in Ruské Pekľany.

He was educated at the Faculty of Theology in Prešov. He was an ideal seminarian not only for other brothers but also for present seminarians because of his deligence and eagerness. He had perfect marks and after a year of his priest´s formation he was sent to Budapest for studying. He was ordained to the priesthood on the 27th of August 1911 and on the 20th of July he came to the of Bazil the Great. On the 7th of March 1927 he was sanctified as a bishop. During his instalation he announced his programe of apostolate: “With God´s help I want to be father of orphans, helper of poor people and bringing joy to sorrowful ones.“ As a bishop we thank him for increasing the spiritual life of priests and believers. The dignified celebrating of divine services and adherence to church feasts depended on him. Because of his sacrificial love of poor and lonely people, he built the orphanage in Prešov, where the Seminary is now.

After the “Sobor in Prešov“ he was arrested and moved to Leopoldov (prison) and later to Prague – Ruzyň, Valdíce and Ilava. He was martyred on his birthday in 1960 in Leopoldov. Bishop Gojdič is a witness of faithfulness to Christ and the Church. He was beatified by Pope John Paul ll. On the 4th of November in Rome.


The seminarian´s spiritual activities are expressions of their relationships to God and also an opportunity for the brothers enrichment in the seminary.

Collective morning prayers, Holy Liturgy and meditations on God´s Word are every – day spiritual activities in the Seminary. Meditation on beauty, worth and a sense of relation ship with God is the center of seminarian´s spiritual formation. The whole day is spent meeting God including Eucharistic adoration, a lecture on the life of a holy person and the holy rosary.

Seminarians are also enriched by a common spiritual life. One of the seminarians shares of his morning meditation every day. Seminarians in the 1st class daily prepare “synaxár“- a short biography of a holy person for morning office. The holy rosary is enriched by brothers in the 2nd and 3rd classes with meditations on the mysteries of the decades of the rosary. Brothers in 4th class talk about God´s Word through exegeses during vespers. Seminarians in the 6th class get ready for their profession with speeches and homilies which are given to other priests and brothers in the Seminary.

The spiritual life is the most important part of formation. That is why it is so varied and emphasized.

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